Post-Botox Serial Casting

Post-Botox Serial Casting helps gradually adjust joints. 

Post-Botox Serial Casting

What is Serial Casting?

If your child has a joint that can’t flex or extend as far as it should, that might be because one of the muscles connected to it is too short or tight. Your doctor may recommend putting a series of casts on the joint. Each one would turn the joint a little farther in the direction it needs to go.

You may hear this technique called serial casting, and doctors mainly use it on wrists and ankles. It might help your child walk better or gain better use of his hands and arms.

Serial casting can sometimes help adults, too.

How It Works:

The first cast holds the joint in a position where it stretches the muscle just a little. A week or so later, your child’s medical team puts a new cast on him. This one turns the joint a little more, so that it pulls the muscle farther. Each week, a fresh cast increases the stretch. When the muscle gets stretched over a period of weeks, it adds cells that make it longer and more flexible.

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