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What We Do

Our experience and expertise inspire confidence in our treatment plans.


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We are dedicated to providing the Essential Support our patients require through personalized physical therapy.

Our physical therapy practices are more than simple locations providing a service, they are where best-of-practice therapy is delivered, honed, and evolved. We are a part of our communities in ways that the corporations cannot match, because we truly care. We bring all of our experience to bear in caring for our patients, whether at the front reception desk or in clinical delivery.

Our Founder, Edwin Suarez, has championed a different direction for physical therapy that is focused on the “care.experience” and his vision transcends himself and lives in every Edwin Suarez | Care.Experience Certified center. When a patient comes to us they experience care in ways that make them part of our family.

Effective physical therapy is the Essential Support patients need when recovering from an injury or trying to improve physical capacity. Our Essential Support philosophy means that our patients receive a “care.experience”, every time. If a center is an Edwin Suarez | Care.Experience Certified center, you know you have the best.

Why Suarez PT?


Suarez physical therapy clinicians are experienced in the treatment of adult, adolescent, and pediatric patient populations with congenital, traumatic, and post surgical diagnoses of the musculoskeletal and neurological systems.

Patients who are evaluated and treated receive personalized attention with a low clinician-to-patient ratio. Our trained clinicians design individualized treatment plans to fit any diagnosis.

We have three convenient locations in the Las Vegas valley to better serve our patients. Ready to schedule your appointment with Suarez PT?

What Our Patients Say

Mary G.

“Love this place. They are personable and stay right on top of your PT every step of the way.”

Michelle W.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Edwin Suarez Physical Therapy. Unlike other PT offices I’ve gone to, at Edwin Suarez they listen and work with you.”

Rosa M.

“Great place, real professionals. I really recommend this place, they are really good with kids.”


We deliver consistent, benchmark performance


We are understanding, empathetic and caring


We will inspire confidence with our professionalism

Suarez PT Sunset

 3620 E. Sunset Rd., Ste 100
P: 702.368.6778 (Press 1)
F: 702.368.6775

Suarez PT Cimarron South


6930 S. Cimarron Rd., Ste #160
P: 702.368.6778 (Press 2)
F: 702.685.7811


Suarez PT Durango North

6200 N. Durango Dr., Ste 120
P: 702.368.6778 (Press 3)
F: 702.462.6141