Suarez PT Testimonials

In all we do, we deliver a “care.experience”.

We are dedicated to providing the Essential Support our patients require through personalized physical therapy.

Our physical therapy practices are more than simple locations providing a service, they are where best-of-practice therapy is delivered, honed, and evolved.

We are a part of our communities in ways that the corporations cannot match, because we truly care. We bring all of our experience to bear in caring for our patients, whether at the front reception desk or in clinical delivery.

When a patient comes to us they experience care in ways that make them part of our family, because in all we do we deliver a “care.experience”. So naturally, we’ve gathered quite a few amazing testimonials from our patients.

Kate A.

“…I see you now have three locations? Congratulations! I just looked over the new brochure and love it! Excellent marketing. I attribute a lot of my PT knowledge and skillset to our exceptional mentoring, Edwin. It is exciting to see your business grow!”

Michelle W.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Edwin Suarez Physical Therapy. Unlike other PT offices I’ve gone to, at Edwin Suarez they listen and work with you.”

Rosa M.

“Great place, real professionals. I really recommend this place, they are really good with kids.”

Brad G.

“Caring for each persons needs, patience, professionalism, very good with kids”

Mary G.

“Love this place. They are personable and stay right on top of your PT every step of the way.”

Izaak A.

“Very centrally located Great office staff positive attitude physical therapist are AAA+ and they do great work with children definitely a five-star facility. Thanks guys you rock!!!”

Sandra M.

“Best place for me to be being I’m going back under the knife Nov 6th.  Yes You heard me correctly this will be number 7 on this knee and hopefully the last. Getting great care as usual today Edwin is here and its always great to see him. Thanks Crew!”

Kat R.

“The staff was super professional and friendly at all times. I felt completely welcomed and like I was family. They definitely listened to all my aches and pains. I never felt uncomfortable or weird here. This is a place to definitely come check out and get worked on. Came in broken and am leaving good as new!”

Katie H.

“Love this place. They are so wonderful with all the children that come in. Also I have a hard time with my neck and are very helpful with what I need done. I also have a lot of back problems and they work at my pace. We had a problem with the traction with my neck and they offered to do manual traction every time which was wonderful. Doria who does the massage therapy understands people with fibromyalgia and is absolutely amazing.”

Paul G.

“Best in town! They teach you all the exercises you need to maintain on our own.”

Lee S.

“I have had a really good experience with Suarez Physical Therapy. Thank you for helping me and the high quality of care!”

Louis K.

“This is the third time in the past several years when I have come to see Edwin and his staff to help my recovery from surgical procedures. Each time my experience with them has accomplished my recovery needs. This staff are perfectionists. If ever I need their help, I would return without hesitation. I have recommended other to this facility.”

Charles G.

“I observed the therapists working with children and they made exercise like a game and it was a beautiful thing to watch with kids there that are facing challenges. Lots of effort by the staff.”

Luis H.

“I wish I started treatment here sooner. Thank you very much for your dedication and knowledge to help others!”

Rashawnda C.

“Thank you all so much! I feel so much better! Your staff is great. When I am here I feel like family. They make me feel so special and not wanting to leave. I thank you all.”

Olivia K.

“It was a great experience and I can’t wait to get back to soccer. Thanks for pushing me and getting me back to normal.”

Kristine A.

“Can’t say enough about how happy I am with Liz and her team. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this facility to others.”

Ann T.

“I was unsure about getting physical therapy but this was a very pleasant experience. The ladies at the front were great, everyone calls you by name and it felt very comfortable. Everyone was supportive and encouraging.”

Dallas K.

“Everyone was kind and accommodating! Health improved with each appointment, and we loved being able to work with the same people for therapy! Each person we worked with was patient and kind.”

Melissa B.

“Everyone has been amazing and very accommodating! The amount of patience and care everyone has had, really exceeded my expectations. I have always felt welcome here!”

Lele C.

“Thank you Suarez Physical Therapy! There were days that were hard to get through, but the therapists were always friendly and listened to my feedback. Elizabeth is very knowledgable and she listened when I was talking about my experience with the massages. I would recommend to my friends and family.”

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