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    review rating 5  My daughter get her physical therapy here and it has really helped her.

    thumb Ivan Rubio

    review rating 5  Extremely thorough, professional and honest. I have brought both of my kids to Edwin for a couple of different issues, and on the most recent trip he recommended stretching for my daughter instead of therapy. He easily could have milked a few sessions out of us, but he's a true pro.

    thumb Mike McDougall

    review rating 5  This is my second time around with Edwin and his crew. IF I had continued my exercises as they had taught me the first time around, I probably wouldn't need this second tour. So grateful to everyone at the clinic and especially watching them with the children. Makes my heart melt to see the employees working to help these kids out. I also owe a great deal of my relief to Tony, because without his knowledgeable massages, I would be in much more pain. Thanks you guys for all you do for us.

    thumb Suzanne Holmes Brennan

    review rating 5  Very friendly, thorough and on time!

    thumb Theresa Venuti

    review rating 5  I just started therapy at the office on Cimarron. What an amazing clinic they have. I have been to many Physical therapy clinics in the past but none of them rivaled this office. The staff was very professional from the time I entered the office until I left. I saw equipment I’d never seen in any of the other clinics. The plan they started on me has already kicked in. I’m sore, but in a good way. I can already feel some improvement. The office is new and beautiful. Very clean. The therapists were very cautious, I’ve had too many falls already. I look forward to my next visit. I’m very hopeful they are on the right track of relieving the pain I have. But no pain, no gain.

    thumb Debbie Gold

    review rating 5  From the handful of times that i have worked at the Centennial location I have loved working here and love the energy and how everybody is with all the patients that we get. All locations are amazing and the energy and dedication all the PTs, PTA, and Techs put into their job is amazing! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. If I ever need a physical therapy place this is the one i will for sure go to!

    thumb Misty Martinez

      Suarez therapy is great they are always helpful and kind staff. My son is 12 and goes to therapy here and he's very happy with them. They are very good with kids and adults and I highly recommend them.

    thumb Desiree K.

      Very centrally located Great office staff positive attitude physical therapist are AAA+ and they do great work with children definitely a five-star facility

    Thanks guys you rock!!!

    thumb Izaak A.

      Love this place. They are so wonderful with all the children that come in. Also I have a hard time with my neck and are very helpful with what I need done. I also have a lot of back problems and they work at my pace. We had a problem with the traction with my neck and they offered to do manual traction every time which was wonderful. Doria who does the massage therapy understands people with fibromyalgia and is absolutely amazing. I also have to bring my daughter with me a lot who is 1yr and they are all just wonderful with her. They give her toys and play with her. My daughter just loves Doria. I would definitely recommend this place. This is the only physical therapy place that I have actually liked and have been to a few.

    thumb Katie H.